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The Best Teaching Staff in Omaha!

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NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderDepartmentEmailExtensionWebpage
Allison, EmilyESL 8816WWW
Andersen, NicoleSpecial Education 8801WWW
Angel, SylviaEnglish/Second Language 3070WWW
Armbeck-Hughes, CathySpecial Education 8869WWW
Ballard, JustinPhysical Education 3052WWW
Bates, DarlaSecretary-Dean's Office 3005 
Bauer, PamSpecial Education 8844WWW
Beecham, JohnEnglish 8857WWW
Behrens, Shaun T.Social Studies 8831WWW
Benker, AndrewScience 8833WWW
Bierce, LarryEnglish 8812WWW
Borja, LauraWorld Languages 8811WWW
Bowling, TatumScience 8885WWW
Brown, AndreaGuidance Director 3020 
Brown, AndrewInstrumental Music 3050 
Bruggeman, RondaFam/Consumer Sci 8847WWW
Buckner, MJAdministration 3026 
Cameron, KatieCounseling 3025 
Campin, CaseyAssistant Principal 3013 
Cardinale, HeatherSSC Facilitator 3033 
Carper, JanCounseling 3023 
Carr, Sharon A.Art 8805WWW
Coulter, JasonMathematics 8867WWW
Davis, KatherineWorld Languages 8853WWW
Deaver, MariettaArt 8818 
Dewaele, RaySpecial Education 8865WWW
DiCostanzo, JoeSoc. Studies/Community 7017WWW
Dodin, GeliaScience 8860WWW
Draney, BruceSpecial Education 8849WWW
Duggan, MikeSpecial Education   
Dyke, AnneESL   
Everts, BobbieSecretary-Athletics 3004 
Falcon, Daniel G. 1st SGT.JROTC 3056WWW
Fant, JulieSpecial Education  WWW
Figueroa, LizEnglish 8836 
Flemmer, JanetSecretary-Treasurer 3032 
Ford, WilliamMaintenance Engineer 3018 
Formanek, JackCommunity Counselor 3034 
Frampton, PatPhys Ed 3054WWW
Francis-Thomas, KyleMath 8804 
Garman, JustineJournalism 3047WWW
Garnder, DonnaSecretary-Attendance 3029 
Garrett, MichaelEnglish/Second Language 8828WWW
Geha, SarahPhysical Education 8830 
Goergen, KellyBusiness 8821 
Graham, AliciaSpecial Education-ACP 3077 
Grant, JuliaSpecial Education 8854 
Guelden, SamanthaArt 8843 
Hale, JoAnnaEnglish 8850WWW
Haskell-Voris, ElisabethGPS 8883WWW
Helmick, LisaEnglish/Second Language 3037WWW
Hilario, MarcusPhys Ed 8825WWW
Hinrichs, PaulArt 8809WWW
Hser, Paw-ThaBilingual Liason 3040 
Hudson, EmilyEnglish 8817 
Jablonski, JoshuaSocial Studies 8884WWW
Jernigan, RobynPhys Ed 3054WWW
Johanek, AngelaSocial Studies 8848WWW
Johnson, BevCounseling 3021 
Johnson, LelandScience 8824 
Jones, LauraSecretary-Counseling 3027 
Kastens, MakaylaSpecial Education 8882WWW
Kehr, TravisScience 8875WWW
Kenny, DanPhys Ed 8826WWW
Kleven, CalebMathematics  WWW
Kobza, TonyBusiness/Magnet 8823WWW
Kush, TiaraScience   
Laughlin, JaneCurriculum Specialist 3028 
Lawson, Hugh A.Mathematics 8834WWW
Leise, JamesMathematics 8804WWW
Martin, ToddAssistant Principal 3012 
Mason, JulieSocial Worker 3071 
McIvor, MeredithSocial Studies 8877WWW
McLaughlin, AaronSocial Studies 8864WWW
Meier, Mark A.Fam/Consumer Sci 8840WWW
Meloy, TammieEnglish 8845WWW
Mruz, JoyCafeteria Manager 3017 
Muhammad, MarcieEnglish 8827WWW
Mukherjee, RatnaEnglish/Second Language 8863WWW
Pastor-Soria, JesusInternational Languages 8806 
Patterson, AstraArt 3067WWW
Pick, MikeEnglish 8846 
Post, DevonMath 8876 
Rahorst, ChristineEnglish/Second Language  WWW
Ralph, AngelaLibrarian 3016 
Reece, MaryCurriculum Specialist 8817WWW
Reeves, MarionSecretary-Data 3014 
Ronning, AnnSocial Studies 8814WWW
Rozema, PamESL 8829 
Sekle, AbbyScience 8868WWW
Sidzyik, RebeccaSocial Studies 8822 
Slobodnik, TracySPA 3096 
Starks, ShauntaeCounseling 3022 
Stubbe, ErinEnglish 8835 
Szynskie, FrancisAssistant Principal/Athletic Director 3011 
Terry, RenitaAIM TRIO Talent Search 3080 
Troxel, RyanIndustrial Tech 3064WWW
Vazzano, Paula A.English 8839WWW
Weber, CurtisSocial Studies 8859WWW
Wichman, MattMagnet Coordinator 3074 
Wittry, Jennifer L.Mathematics 8855WWW
Wredt, ErienneDrama 3063WWW
Wright, DevinAvenue Scholars 8880 
Young, SineahScience 8862WWW