HP Academy Achieves Model Status


At Benson, we are preparing those future essential workers for careers in health sciences and the allied health careers everyday. By working with expert professionals through our Advisory Board, we are able to develop curriculum allowing students exposure to both college and career skills years before their counterparts. The Health Professions Career Academy provides students all 10th grade students with a Foundations of Healthcare course, which builds a framework of understanding allowing students to feel confident in choosing one of three pathway programs of study in which to major.

Over the past five years, the Benson Health Professions Academy has worked diligently and in conjunction with our partners to build programs of study which reflect the needs of our community and the knowledge necessary to be a capable industry member. As a result of our outstanding and rigorous curriculum, opportunities for students to experience their career from all angles, and overall preparation for their future; Benson Health Professions was awarded the National recognition of Model Status from the National Career Academy Coalition in March of 2020.

We are proud of the staff and students, as we continue to grow we look forward to new courses, a new on campus health center, and additional student opportunities!

Pathway 1:

One program of study is for those preparing to enter into Allied Health and/or Medical and Therapeutic careers, here students are able to receive their CNA through the only on campus skills lab in OPS under the dual credit partnership with MCC or through our partnership with Methodist College and their hybrid program. Students in this pathway continue to UNMC for High School Alliance and are able to complete the pathway with internships, Pharmacy Technician training, EMT certification, or work studies based on availability and interest.

Pathway 2:

Our second program of study is suited for students interested in sports medicine and exercise science, occupational or physical therapy, and other Human Performance related careers. Through partnerships with UNO School of Kinesiology and QLI, students are able to receive hands on training and experience working with clients and learning about programming in an active environment.

Pathway 3:

Our third option is for students who see themselves as the healthcare ‘self-care’ or helper, students in our Mental and Behavioral program of study take course focused on behavioral health, psychology, and behavioral science to prepare for opportunities with the UNMC College of Public Health and more local organizations centered around direct care.

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)


The mission of HOSA is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.


HOSA or Health Occupation Students of America is a student organization for all students in the Health Professions Academy. We will meet every day as part of an advisement in room 241, as well as occasions after school to prepare for competitions and learn new skills. This club will provide students with wonderful opportunities and experiences dealing in healthcare and potentially your future profession. We will learn and practice skills to prepare for HOSA competitions. These competitions may include CPR, First Aid, CERT, HOSA Bowl, Persuasive speaking, medical photography, CNA, Medical Reading just to name a few. We also have a strong belief in helping out the community with volunteerism!  During the year we will host several fundraisers to help pay for travel expenses, as well as conference fees!  All of these experiences will help you to become better prepared for your future as a health professional. 

Benson's HOSA is celebrating its 7th year!  We have grown from a group of 8-10 students meeting after school to a group of 30 students who all applied and were accepted by their peers to join this.


  • National HOSA Service Project 2020:  "Be the Match"

  • NE HOSA awards a Barbara James Service Award

  • Community Service Project-Benson Pantry

  • Community Service hours required 20 hours/year

  • Benson HOSA Recognition Award -Service Award Given to those students within the Health Professions Academy who were active participants within Benson's HOSA chapter.  Determined by HOSA Sponsors. 

  • Benson Health Profession Academy Scholarship

  • UNMC HOSA Scholarship - Community Scholarship

  • Multiple National HOSA scholarships including Nebraska Methodist College


Angela Johanek

Academy Specialist

Beverly Johnson
Academy Counselor
Robyn Jernigan
Academy Lead Teacher- Health


Justin Ballard
Physical Education
Shaun Behrens
Social Studies
Tatum Bowling
Rebecca Brauer
Ben Butler
Special Education and Math
Elijah Dacy
Hannah deFreese
Social Studies
Pat Frampton
Physical Education
Tori Haas
Marcus Hilario
Physical Education
Jim Leise
Dwight Lydic
Mark Meier
Human Growth and Development
Marcie Muhammad
Katie Nedela
Physical Education
Devin Post
Abby Sekle
Kailee Thomas
Elizabeth Vasquez Rodriquez




U.S. History

English 1-2



*Students may take electives outside of the academy.  Please consult the course guide for a full list available of electives.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Pharmacy Technician




University of Nebraska-Lincoln