In 2020, the Health Professions Academy received National Recognition for achieving Model Status.



According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly all healthcare occupations are expected to experience “faster than average” or “much faster than average” growth through year 2020. In Nebraska, the Departments of Labor, Economic Development and Education include four health careers in their Top 10 Hottest jobs. Not only are these the some of the hottest jobs in Nebraska, they are also High Wage, High Demand and High Skill careers.

When most people consider careers in the health sciences, doctors and nurses are the top of the list. However, there are many allied health careers that offer livable-sustainable wages and are going unfilled; local employers are desperately looking for health care technicians and health informatics professionals. The Health Professions Career Academy provides students with foundation coursework then offers the student three options. One option is the Nebraska Medicine Health Alliance. Another is the coursework currently available at the Career Center for C.N.A. and EMT certification. The third option will be available at Benson High School and is a survey of allied health careers. Students may have the option to earn up to 22.5 quarter credit hours (5 courses) through Metropolitan Community College which could be applied to the Health Professionals1 or Health Informatics2 programs of study. 

Students will have an opportunity to participate in some work-based learning opportunities through the Nebraska Medical Center, Catholic Health Initiatives: Immanuel Hospital (formerly Alegent: Immanuel), local veterinarian offices, and other Benson-based health care providers.


Angela Johanek                   Academy Specialist

Beverly Johnson                 Counselor

Robyn Jernigan                       Academy Lead Teacher, Foundations and Exercise Science


Justin Ballard                          Physical Education

Shaun Behrens                                  Social Studies

Tatum Bowling                                Science

Rebecca Brauer                          Math

Ben Butler                                 Special Education and Math

Elijah Dacy                                      Science, Medical Ethics/Terms, and Pharmacy Technician

Hannah DeFreese                       Social Studies and AP Psychology

Pat Frampton                                Physical Education

Tori Haas                                Science and AP Biology

Marcus Hilario                          Physical Education and PE Leadership

Jim Leise                                    Math

Dwight Lydic                             JROTC

Mark Meier                               Human Growth and Development

Marcie Muhammad                        English

Katie Nedela                         Physical Education and PE Leadership

Devin Post                                    Math

Abby Sekle                                      Science and AP Chemistry

Kailee Thomas                        Science and Honors Medical Biology

Elizabeth Vasquez Rodriquez                                       Spanish

Erika Wright                                English


Advance Placement Psychology 1-2

Advance Placement Biology 1-2 (Cohort)

Anatomy & Physiology

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Behavioral Health 1-2

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Foundations of Health Care

Honors Anatomy and Physiology

Honors Health Science Internship

Honors Medical Biology

Honors Medical Chemistry

Introduction to Exercise Science

Introduction to Medical Terms and Ethics

Sports Medicine of Athletic Training

UNMC High School Alliance

*Students may take electives outside of the academy.  Please consult the course guide for a full list available of electives.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Pharmacy Technician




CHI Children's Hospital

CHI Health

Methodist College

Metropolitan Community College

Nebraska Medicine

Rockbrook Animal Clinic

UNMC College of Pharmacy

UNMC College of Public Health

UNO College of Nursing

UNO School of Health and Kinesiology