JROTC Special Events


Benson High School’s JROTC were one of the many high schools across the nation that honored many of the veterans that served our country during WWII, Korea,Vietnam, Gulf War, and the War on Terrorism. We honored veterans that served in every branch of the military.


Airborne Dedication Ceremony: On Saturday August 11, 2007 The Benson High School JROTC Program provided a five person Color Guard detail for the dedication ceremony of the Heartland National Airborne Memorial at Heartland America Park. News and TV coverage was provided by The Omaha World Herald and TV stations KETV, KMTV, and WOWT.

Various ceremonies are conducted each year for Memorial Day & Veterans Day celebrations.


Benson High School JROTC Honor Guard (4 Color Guard and 4 Saber Team) attended the 9/11 Cremony. The Cadets were C/LTC Aaron Green, C/2LT Sara McGuire, C/2LT Shawna Knutson, C/1LT Tiffani Knutson, C/CPT Ashley Smith, C/SFC Yoana Rosario, C/1SG Alecia Hill, and C/CPT Charles Payne. Many attended the ceremony to commemorate over those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center tragedy.


These are special events that our cadets go out into the community to give back. We recognize solders and important events throughout the year by joining in together and making a stand.


This is a night to recognize the battalion staff for all their hard work that is very much appreciated. Once a year they get together and organize a thank you party.


This is a night where cadets and friends have an opportunity to participate in a formal event. It is a night of enjoying one’s self and meeting other cadets from other high schools in their state.


Every week at the beginning of the JROTC course there is physical fitness challenges that you are required to be graded on. We are required to participate in 6 events such as standing long jump, pull-ups (male), flex-arm hang(female), sit-ups, 1 mile run, 50 yard dash, and the shuttle run. The top 3 cadets with the highest score will compete against JROTC cadets in other OPS High Schools. During our Awards Ceremony at the end of the year, those top three cadets will be awarded a medal.


Camp was four days long. We had two days at Camp Ashland, One day at Offutt Air Force Base and one day at the SAC Museum. For the days we were at Camp Ashland, Everyone had to do the mile run, orienteering, Rappelling, laser shooting, Drill as a platoon and as a battalion and the compass course. The first day was kind of hard for a lot of people. Some people went home with blisters on their feet. The other days were not that bad. At Offutt we had some activities that were planned for us to do. There was Rader Challenge, a tour around Offutt, rope bridges and we did team sports at the Offutt Physical Fitness Center.


In this year's competition, 9 schools competed. Each school has five two man teams. First the teams take a twenty question map reading test. After that, they give each team ten minutes to plot points on the map they were given from three master maps. After the time is up they send teams out on the course to find as many of the thirty points as possible in ninety minutes. Each point is worth five points to your total score. The total team score is calculated by adding the written test and course competition together. If you come in after the ninety minutes, points will be deducted from your total score. The total school score is calculated by adding the top four two man team scores together. We eat food!!!!! It is a very fun experience that gives you map reading skills. We encourage you to be apart of the Orienteering Team.