Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

It is our belief that participation in athletics should be a part of the total educational experience for students who attend Omaha Benson Magnet High School. We believe that participation in a sound athletic program contributes to the development of health, happiness, physical skills, emotional maturity, social competence, moral value and self-discipline. 
Although athletics is a vital part of the education of youth, it is only a part, not the total of his/her educational experience. Harmony between athletics and educational aims must be consistent at all times. Cooperation must be extended to all classroom teachers and grades must be maintained or the athlete will risk his/her eligibility status. Athletes are directly responsible for their academic grades, and should schedule conferences with their teachers if they need help. The student who achieves high standards in the classroom is the student we can rely on to achieve his/her goals in athletics. 
The community judges its institutions chiefly by people who represent them. The administration, coaches, cheerleaders, student body and above all, the athletes, serve as public relation agents at home and away from school during athletic contests. Good public relations begin with a common sense approach and extension of common courtesy to all with whom one makes contact. It is for these reasons that we hold our athletes to higher standards.  
We believe that the spirit of play and the will to win are valuable assets to the overall development of the whole child. Athletics provides the athlete with an opportunity to meet challenges every day. Whether the athlete is successful or not depends largely upon his/her daily preparation. The athlete must be prepared when his/her opportunity presents itself. 
It is a fact of life that not all athletic contests will be a winning experience. It is therefore important that each athlete is able to accept defeat. He/she is not expected to enjoy losing but rather accept it as a part of the game of life. He/she must then be even more determined to perform at the highest expectations. 
Along with being a good sport when one loses a contest, the athlete must be a gracious winner. Above all one must remember that good sportsmanship can always be displayed on the field of battle. Any athlete wearing green and black is expected to always exhibit this attitude. 
With the above in mind let us continue to achieve the high standards that have been maintained by Benson High athletic teams. It is with great enthusiasm that we begin each year with the traditionally respected athletic program at Omaha Benson Magnet School. 
Go Bunnies! 


Melinda Bailey
Benson High Magnet School
Assistant Principal
Athletic Director