1.  Who do I call if my student will not be in school today?
You should call the Attendance Office at 531.299.8009 as soon as you know your student will not be in school.  As soon as your student returns to school from his/her absence, It is her/her responsibility to get missing work.  It is not acceptable for students to ask for missing work weeks/months later.

2.  I have not been receiving any emails, U.S. Mail, or phone calls from the school.  Who do I call to update my contact information?
You should call our Data Secretary at 531.299.7251 to update your contact information.

3.  I keep getting phone calls from your automated phone dialer.  What do these calls mean?
Most of the time, it means your student either missed a class or was tardy to more then one class period.  Attendance phone calls are generated at 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  If your student misses a class in the morning, and it is not verified by the end of the day, you will get a second phone call in the afternoon.   The automated phone call will not tell you to which class your student was absent or tardy.   You can find that information out by calling the Attendance Office at 531.299.8009, or by logging into the Parent Portal.  You must have an account.  Occasionally, we will send out automated phone calls for informational purposes and reminders (Open House, PT Conferences, etc.)

4.  How can I see the academic progress of my student?
You can find your student's class grades on the Parent Portal.  You must have an account.  The Parent Portal can keep you up to date on your student's grades, attendance, school fines, immunizations, and teacher contact information. 

5.  What if I forgot my Portal Account information of have forgotten my login credentials?
There is a "forgot password" link that you can select; otherwise, you may call Ms. Corcoran in the Main Office at 531.299.8020.  You can also have your student login onto the Portal using his/er network credentials that he/she uses at school. 

6.  I'm worried about my student's grades.  Who should I call?
You should always start by contacting the teacher.  Teacher contact information can be found here.  You are welcome to call or email at any time.  If you need help, please contact your student's counselor (See question #7).

7.  Who is my student's counselor?

 Ms. Brown, Director    
 AP Cohort (last names N-Z) &  Health Professions (last names S-Z)
 Ms. Cameron
 Design (Last names A-Q)  531.299.8012
 Ms. Carper
 AP Cohort (Last names A-M) & Design (last names R-Z      
 Ms. Johnson
 Health Professions
 Mr. Koneck-Wilcox
 Business & Entrepreneurship  531.299.7992
 Ms. Starks
 Freshman  531.299.7916

8.  My student is a senior and I'm worried about his/her graduation status.  Who should I contact?
You should call your student's counselor.  See question #7 above for counselor contact information.

9.  Who is my student's administrator?

 Mr. Rhine
 Dean of Students
 9th Grade  531.299.7986
 Mr. Buckner
 Dean of Students
10th Grade
 Mr. Campin
 Assistant Principal - Activities    
11th Grade  531.299.8022
 Mrs. Bailey
 Assistant Principal - Athletics
12th Grade - B,E,H,M,P,R,S,U,V,W,X  531.299.7224
 Mr. Martin
 Assistant Principal - Data
12th Grade - A,C,D,F,G,I,J,K,L,N,Q,T,Y,Z  531.299.7906
10.  What are Career Academies?
Career Academies are smaller learning communities with a focus.  At Benson, we have three: 
   -  Business and Entrepreneurship
   -  Design
   -  Health Professions

Graduation will always be our first objective; however, once our students graduate, we want them to be college, career, and civic-life ready.  Through career academies, we offer our students opportunities like certifications, internships, job-shadows, and specialized courses that are not readily available at other schools. Your student may not want to enter into one of those professions after high school and that's okay.  We remain a comprehensive high school that will prepare your student for the workforce or post-secondary education. 

11.  I have a concern about one of my student's classes.  Who should I contact?

You should always start with the teacher.  Teacher contact information can be found HERE.  If you are unsatisfied after that contact, your next call should be to the curriculum specialist.

 Mr. Duggan
Special Education
 Ms. Hughes
English Language Learners
 Ms. Laughlin    
English, Music, Reading, GPS
 Ms. Johanek
Science, PE, JROTC, FCS
 Ms. Reece
Social Studies, World Languages, AP    
 Ms. Hale
Math, Art, Industrial Tech

After that if you remain unsatisfied, your next call should be to your student's administrator (see question #9 above).

12.  Can students leave the building for lunch?
No.  All OPS high schools are closed campuses.  Students may not leave the building at any time, nor are they allowed to have lunch brought in from a restaurant.

13.  What are the hours during which the school is open?
The school opens at 7:00 a.m.  Students may not enter the building prior to 7:00 a.m.  Students may get breakfast beginning at 7:00 a.m. in the cafeteria and may begin heading to class at 7:30 a.m.  Students that are participating in any after school activities are expected to leave campus at 3:05 p.m.  Students are not to loiter at the building after school. 

Other frequently contacted school personnel:
Registrar - Ms. Duncan 531.299.7251
Nurse - Ms. Coleman 531.299.2521
Social Worker - Ms. Mason 531.299.7974
Attendance Office - Ms. Gardner 531.299.8009
Athletics Office - Ms. Pistorius 531.299.8029
Main Office - Ms. Corcoran - 531.299.8025

Treasurer - Ms. Flemmer - 531.299.7987