Student Clubs & Activities

Organization Sponsor Meeting Times and Locations Description
A Cappella
Susie Gibbons
Wednesdays from 3:15-5:00
We will make background music without instruments.  Also, we will do mostly school appropriate pop music.  We are hoping to perform at Bunny Tracks and in musicals.  
 African-American History Club
Toni Banks
Tuesdays from 6:15-5:00 in room 227
 Students prepare for the African-American History Challenge.


Meredith McIvor, Shauntae Starks, Nicole Andersen, and Aaron McLaughlin

Every other Tuesday after school in room 220

Allies is Benson High School's Gay/Straight Alliance.  We provide a safe space for all students and work to end bullying and improve diversity education.


Angela Ralph


Art Club

Astra Patterson and Marietta Deaver

Tuesdays after school in room 200A


Benson High News Staff (Newspaper) Justine Garman meets during 2nd Block on B days *Invitation only to join

Book Club

Angela Ralph

 During your lunch in the library on September 29, October 23, November 16, December 19, January 30, March 6, April 5, and May 9.

 The Book Club is for those who love reading.  We will discuss our favorite books as well as common books.  Book Club attendees are the first ones to get access to the books for author visits. For more information, please talk to Ms. Ralph in the library or go to

Chamber Choirs

Susie Gibbons




Tori Davis


*Invitation only to join


(sepak takraw)

Ryan Troxel and Dan Kenny

Fridays during advisement

Chelo is a sport that combines the rules of volleyball and soccer as you kick a plastic woven ball over a five foot high badminton net.  It is 3 versus 3 and points are scored similar to volleyball but you are not allowed to use your hands/arms only knees, head and feet.

Concert Band

Andrew Brown


*Invitation only to join

Concert Choir

Susie Gibbons


*Invitation only to join

Culinary Club

Ronda Bruggeman

Once a month in room G-06

Culinary Club can be any student at Benson.  They do not have to be in a foods/culinary class.  We are currently not meeting because of the renovation.  We are waiting for the inspection to pass before we are allowed to cook.

Cupola Staff (Yearbook) Justine Garman 1st and 4th blocks on A Days *Invitation only to join

Dance Team



*Invitation only to join


Tony Kobza

daily during advisement

Must be a member of the Business Academy to join.

Drama Club

Erienne Wredt



Extreme Game Club Tammie Meloy Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:15-4:30 in Room 237 Gaming Club is a place where gamers like us can come together to talk about and game together. We will be playing board games, console and computer games. We might also do a coding lesson to help us learn to program our own games. Gaming club is a fun way to meet others with similar interests!


(Future Business Leaders of America)

Kelly Goergen

daily during advisement

Must be a member of the Business Academy to join.


Col. Dwight Lydic



Key Club/MTJava

Antonio Moore

Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in room 212D


Mixed Chorus

Susie Gibbons

during class


National Honor Society

Jason Rhine, Mary Reece, and Ann Ronning


*Invitation only to join


Andrew Brown

during class

*Invitation only to join

Science Club

Andrew Benker

Thursdays after school


SkillsUSA Erienne Wredt and Construction and Design instructors advisement Must be a member of the Construction and Design Academy to join

Speech and Media

Pam Rozema

Thursdays after school in Portable 7.

We prepare for speech competition.  We do short videos in conjunction with PBS News Hour.

Sports Media

Justine Garman

daily during advisement

Students in this club work create work as sports journalists.  They create media guides, take photos, and track records.  *Invitation only to join

Student Council

Elisabeth Voris, Aaron McLaughlin, and NIcole Anderson

daily during advisement


Swing Choir

Susie Gibbons

during class

*Invitation only to join

Thrive Club

Rita Garcia

Wednesdays from 3:05-5:15 in the cafeteria

THRIVE is a Leadership Club that all Benson High School students are welcome to join.  The mission of THRIVE is to "unite and equip loyal servant leaders with the right tools to overcome any obstacle by promoting diverse communities, integrity, and education."  A typical meeting will include food, games, a motivational talk and discussion on an issue of character building, and time to make friends from around the world.  Other opportunities include participation in community service, field trips, and gatherings with THRIVE Club chapters from other OPS high schools.

Treble Chorus

Susie Gibbons

during class

*Invitation only to join


Secondary school students may form non-curriculum related student groups.  The fact that such clubs are permitted to conduct meetings on District premises and may be monitored by school officials does not constitute school sponsorship or District endorsement of the purposes of such clubs or the content of their meetings.