PROM 2020-2021

Prom will be Saturday, May 15 at the BHS stadium.  Only students who are in-person learning as of March 15 (start of 4th quarter) may participate in any OPS prom.  If you bring a guest, that guest must be a student from an OPS high school.   So if you are currently remote and you would like to attend prom, you must switch to in-person on or before March 15.


-  Permission slips for all non-Benson guests required in before ticket purchase.
-  ALL tickets must be purchased in advance. Valid photo ID required by ALL attendees.  
-  No one will be allowed to enter the building after 9:00 PM.  
-  Voting for prom court ends at 8:30. Coronation is at 9:00PM.  
-  Once you leave you WILL NOT be allowed to re-enter.  
-  Students will be randomly checked by police for abuse of drugs or  alcohol.  
-  Dance ends at 11:00 sharp. Arrange for rides prior to arriving. Students must leave Legacy Hall immediately.  
-  Be aware: Code of Conduct is applied to all school activities & will be enforced.  
-  As a semi-formal event, out of respect for oneself & other attendees, dance moves of sexual or suggestive nature will not be permitted. 
-  Proper attire for a semi-formal event shall be classified as a nice button-down shirt or sweater & slacks. Shirts are to be worn at all times & may NOT include T-shirts with writing or Dickey shirts. Jeans, denim, & Dickey pants are unacceptable. NO hats, sunglasses, or head coverings allowed.   Dresses may be strapless or have spaghetti straps. Bare or open backs are acceptable; however, bare stomachs/midriffs are not permitted. Undergarments should not be visible. See-through apparel & gowns or dresses with slits that are above mid-thigh area are not permitted. Denim or garments that are extremely low-cut or too short are also unacceptable.